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Week 65: Walkin' on Sunshine!

Week 65: Walkin' on Sunshine!!

¡Familia y Amigos!


Appointments fell through, our investigator who we put on date dropped us, we had some fun car adventures, BUT, despite it all, the Lord has blessed us with plenty of sunshine! :) I know that as we seek out the hand of the Lord, everyday can be the best day :)

So we started teaching a former investigator when we went out with a member a couple of weeks ago named Flower, and she has taken the missionary lessons on and off for about 4 years due traveling. Last Sunday we had an AMAZING gospel principles class and we had an appointment with her on Friday. We prayed really hard about the member we needed to bring with us, and felt like we got our answer! So we show up to our lesson on Friday, say our opening prayer and Flower looks at us and says:

"After what we talked about on Sunday, I feel like I need to take the next step and pick a date to be baptized."

JAW DROP (You would think after 15 months of being a missionary I would be better at keeping my composure when miracles like this happen!)

We showed her a calendar, and in the first 10 minutes we were making plans for December 10th!! (WHERE IN THE WORLD DID TIME GO?!)  SO AMAZING! And our member gave her all of the encouragement that she needed to keep asking questions, keep praying and reading, and that the Lord will help her as she make that leap of faith! And let me tell ya, it was a HUGE leap for her to make! So that was super exciting :)

Also we were able to see the Claridy's, our family, this last week! I love them so much! We have an appointment this week to see them and we are really excited to see how it goes!

We weren't able to meet with Margret this last week due to schedules, but we will see her this week :)

AND THE GENERAL WOMENS BROADCAST: ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!!! My Heart is so full for the love I feel for the Leaders of the church! Shout out to my Mom: all of the mini tissue you sent me sure came in handy during that meeting!! The spirit was so strong and really touched me! I wanted to share some thoughts for my 2.0 :)

If you missed the broadcasts, you can watch them on!

Sister Bingham:
We can show charity by withholding judgement from others not only in our words but ALSO in our thoughts.

Sister Stephens:
The Savior would do ANYTHING to take burdens from you in fact, He already has. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real!
Rely on tender mercies! They are a light in dark times :)

Sister Oscarson;
We can be assured that as we stand for the Savior, as we teach and live his doctrine, We will be prepared to meet the persecution, struggles and trials that will surround us in the current and coming times. We need not be afraid of what lies ahead because we have been given all the tools we need to navigate the storms of life and make it home to our loving Heavenly Father.

President Uchtdorf:
In the end all will make sense, but until then, we walk by whatever faith we have, seeking always to grow it.
To be a 4th floor missionary! There are people who are anxiously awaiting the blessings of the gospel, and I have been called and set apart to knock every door and walk every street to find those who are ready!
Faith comes to the humble, diligent and enduring. Faith come to those who are willing to pay the price of conversation, not simply dipping our toes in the water, but completely immersing ourselves in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know for myself that the Leaders of the church have been called of God.

My invitation this week to you all is to ask the Lord what He would have you do to prepare to hear his servants this weekend. As we prepare for the messages that will be shared, we will receive answers to our questions, guidance from our Heavenly Father, and a greater resolve to follow our Savior.

I love being a missionary! I love all of the hard things, I love all of the BEAUTIFUL miracles, and I especially love how I have come to know my Savior.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt ❤️

Tender Mercy for the week: I had just finished telling Sister Fletcher how my grandma always takes us out to Sweet Tomatoes after the general women's broadcast and our member who signed up to feed us texted us and asked if we could go to Sweet Tomatoes on Saturday, just before the broadcast! AND when we went we saw President and Sister Vest there too!! The Lord love us!

This is Flower, In the Middle, and Sister Bright , our member, after our lesson on Friday! We took one pictures because the next time we have a lesson with flower, Sister Fletcher will be flying home! (Transfers are October 6th)

It's also in the 70's today so I whipped out my sweater! Still have that Arizona Blood! :)

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