Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 60: Here We Go Again!

Week 60: Here We Go Again!

¡Familia y Amigos!

Well Hello there! I hope you all had an AMAZING week!!

The title comes to you as a PSA that.... (DRUMROLL).... It's transfer week! Haha and to be honest I don't think anything will change here in the Red Bridge Ward, but due to the lengthy track record I have... We aren't going to rule anything out! So we shall see next Monday :)

Well this week has gone by really fast! Well actually time in general is going so fast! But I am grateful for the love of the Savior I have felt this week!

So we had another appointment with the Family we are teaching! :) They really make my heart happy! They have really busy crazy schedules, and they told us last night at our lesson that the only time they usually see each other is when we come by! Feeling really blessed that they would choose to spend their limited time together learning about the resorted gospel! We are going to the Visitor Center this coming Saturday with them so that should be exciting!

As I was reflecting on the hints I have learned this transfer and I am beyond grateful for the growing experiences the Lord allows us to have. We are so blessed to have trials that allow us to turn to the Savior to shape and grow us! Heavenly Father always knows exactly what we need.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt ❤️

My INCREDIBLE District! So grateful for all these people!!

We serve at a local assisted living home a couple times a week and this week they had the olympics with all the resident and We helped make the treats and run the games! These are fruit by the foot and Oreo medals!

Shout out to one of my Favorites who goes home Thursday! I love you Sister Whitehead!! (For those of you aren't familiar with mission lingo- When someone goes home you say they are dying hence the RIP. )

Also you probably can't see them too well, but those black spots in the background: THEY ARE COWS!!! I haven't seen a cow since I was in Albany and it made my day!! Only in Kansas do you find Cows in one of the richest county's in the U.S. Tender mercies of the Lord :)

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