Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 56: I Will Walk 5000 More!

¡Familia y Amigos! 

HELLLOOOO!! This week: was pretty awesome! Also Welcome home tomorrow Maddie!! Love you lots and I'll see you in a few :)

So we found out we had the car for another week because the rotation we were on got messed up, so we had to use the Zones mileage reserve to have the car! And then awkward because we used all the miles....WHOO HOOO!!

BUT we got a mini missionary for the weekend! Sister Kerste from the Far West stake :) I actually took her and her family through the Jail back in February! Way fun to be with her! She was such a trooper! We walked 3 out of the 4 days she was with us. We got some super awesome blisters AND some super awesome investigators! 

We walked quite a bit! Not many people were too keen on listening, but it is the few who stopped to truly listen that made it all worth it!

We have a couple return appointments this week with some of the people we met out walking. And this week is our walk week in serious. All foot all week! Which means more people to talk to :)

Have you ever wondered why so may prophets in the Book of Mormon mention why they wrote what they did? (1 Nephi 6:4) Have you ever thought about the many prayers that were offered to preserve the records they kept? (Enos 1:16-17) Have you ever wondered why they invite the reader to read and pray about it so often? (Moroni 10:3-4)

This week I have felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that the scriptures are written for each of us. I know that those ancient prophets invite us to read because the testimonies they share with us will and do draw us closer to our Savior. 

I know that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been revealed through the Book of Mormon. I know the words that are written are for each of you. Read them and find out why.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones 

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt

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