Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 58: Miracles on Mulberry Street!

¡Familia y Amigos!

Well Folks, this week has been one for the books!! There have been
countless miracles over and over, and I know that the Lords hand has
been so apparent. THIS IS HIS WORK! How grateful I am to be be a part
of this work!

(1) The Claridy's- So remember that family I mentioned last week? THEY
ARE INCREDIBLE!! We had such a an awesome lesson with them! We asked
them at the end of the lesson if they would be baptized if they come
to know that the things we teach are true and they both said yes! They
remembered so much from what the Elders had taught them, and ahh! They
are such a blessing! We have an appointment with them tonight and our
Bishop is coming with us!

(2) Zone Conference- We had an incredible meeting this week with
several other zones, and the spirit was so strong! I was also able to
see the Tornoto's - they are the Visitor Center directors- and some of
the other senior couples! Huge tender mercy!

(3) Margret- OH MY GOODNESS! Ok so she was probably the biggest
miracle of the week! So Saturday night when we were planning we looked
at our goals for the week, and we had a goal of one person at
sacrament meeting, and so we texted all of our investigators and we
prayed jand did all we could. Well, Sunday morning came and they all
told us they couldn't make it... But we had faith!! So 5 minutes were
left until church starts and things weren't looking too promising, and
just as we were going to give up, one of our members came up to us and
told us that her friend was coming and she wanted to introduce
us...... Here we have Margret! and we found out that she had called
our member and asked 'Are you going to pick me up for church or
what?!' AHHH!! And she loved it so much that she is coming next  week
and we are getting her a Book of Mormon in Swahili! Miracles are real
and God IS a God of miracles!

So this week as I was studying in the Book of Mormon and this verse in
Jacob chapter 4:7 and it says:

 "Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know
that it is by his grace, and his great condescensions unto the
children of men, that we have power to do these things"

I LOVE this scripture! This week as I was pondering over the many
miracles we saw, I am beyond grateful that the Lord calls weak people
to help him as he works miracles.

But I am grateful for these weaknesses, and grateful for the
experience that I had as a missionary. I am grateful for my
weaknesses. But I am especially grateful for the opportunity they have
given me to turn to my Savior.

I know that through the Savior we can overcome our weaknesses.If we
desire to help in his work, he will qualify us.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt 

Week 57: Tan-lines, Trash and Winning the Race :)

¡Familia y Amigos!

This week has been an adventure and let me tell you- I LOVE WALK
WEEK!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun, blisters, awkward tan lines and all!
I am kind of sad we are getting the car back... I think I can be
patient enough to wait three more weeks :)

One day we needed to walk about 3 miles to get back to our apartment,
and for the whole 3 mile stretch we saw 2 people. ONLY 2! So we
decided we would try to soften the hearts of the people-as it was a
main road we were walking on- and picked up trash the whole walk home.
We figured people might not think the 'Mormons' aren't so bad if we
were trying to keep the community clean! We'll see if any fruits came
of the two bags full of trash we brought back! If anything it was good
to do some service. :)

So We ended up dropping all of our investigators this week.... :/

BUT! we Also had a pretty awesome miracle:

WE FOUND A FAMILY!!- They are formers that the Elders had been out of
contact with for a little while, and while we were walking around in
their neighborhood, we felt like we should stop by and they were
home!! We have an appointment with them tomorrow:)

Moral of the story- follow the spirit and the Lord will show you this
is his work :)

I'm on another poem/story kick but this is one that has been on mind a
whole lot lately and it's called 'The Race'. It's a little bit long
but I can promise it's worth the read :)

The Race

"Quit, give up, you're beaten"
They shout at you and plead
"There's just too much against you
This time you can't succeed".

And as I start to hang my head
In front of failures face
My downward fall is broken by
The memory of a race

And hope refills my weakened will
As I recall that scene
Or just the thought of that short race
Rejuvenates my being

Childrens race, young boys
Young men, how I remember well
Excitement sure, but also fear
It wasn't hard to tell

They all lined up so full of hope
Each thought to win that race
Or tie for first, or if not that
At least take second place

The fathers watched from off the side
Each cheering for his son
And each boy hoped to show his dad
That he could be the one

The whistle blew and off they went
Young hearts and hopes afire
To win and be the hero there
Was each young boys desire

And one boy in particular
Whose dad was in the crowd
Was running near the lead and thought
"My dad will be so proud"

But as they speeded down the field
Across a shallow dip
The little boy who thought to win
Lost his step and slipped

Trying hard to catch himself
With hands flew out to brace
And amid the laughter of the crowd
He fell flat on his face

But as he fell his dad stood up
And showed his anxious face
Which to the boy so clearly said
"Get up and win the race"

He quickly rose, no damage done
Behind a bit that's all
And ran with all his might and mind
To make up for the fall

So anxious to restore himself
To catch up and to win
His mind went faster than his legs
He slipped and fell again

He wised then that he had quit before
With only one disgrace
"I'm hopeless as a runner now
I shouldn't try to race"

But in the laughing crowd he searched
And found his fathers face
That steady look which said again
"Get up and win the race"

So up he jumped to try again
Ten yards behind the last
If I'm going to gain those yards he thought
I've got to move real fast

Exerting everything he had
He regained eight or ten
But trying hard to catch the lead
He slipped and fell again

Defeat, he lay there silently
A tear dropped from his eye
There's no sense running anymore
Three strikes, I'm out, why try?

The will to rise had disappeared
All hope had fled away
So far behind so error prone
A loser all the way

"I've lost, so what", he thought
I'll live with my disgrace
But then he thought about his dad
Whom soon he'd have to face

"Get up" the echo sounded low
"Get up" and take your place
You were not meant for failure here
"Get up", and win the race

With borrowed will "Get up" it said
"You haven't lost at all"
For winning is no more than this
To rise each time you fall

So up he rose to run once more
And with a new commit
He resolved, that win or lose
At least he shouldn't quit

So far behind the others now
The most he'd ever been
Still he'd give it all he had
And run as though to win

Three times he'd fallen, stumbling
Three times he'd rose again
Too far behind to hope to win
He still ran to the end

They cheered the winning runner
As he crossed the line first place
Head high and proud and happy
No falling, no disgrace

But when the fallen youngster
Crossed the line, last place
The crowd gave him the greater cheer
For finishing the race

And even though he came in last
With head bent low, unproud
You would have thought he'd won the race
To listen to the crowd

And to his dad he sadly said
"I didn't do too well"
"To me you won", his father said
"You rose each time you fell"

That is what this life is all about. When we fall short, because we
all do, we rise each time we fall. The ability to rise up is only
possible through the atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ. Remember
your Heavenly Father and Savior are cheering you on. With their help,
you will always be able to rise every time you fall.

I know the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. He lives and He knows
you. May we all have the faith and trust in our Savior to rise every
time we fall.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt

Week 56: I Will Walk 5000 More!

¡Familia y Amigos! 

HELLLOOOO!! This week: was pretty awesome! Also Welcome home tomorrow Maddie!! Love you lots and I'll see you in a few :)

So we found out we had the car for another week because the rotation we were on got messed up, so we had to use the Zones mileage reserve to have the car! And then awkward because we used all the miles....WHOO HOOO!!

BUT we got a mini missionary for the weekend! Sister Kerste from the Far West stake :) I actually took her and her family through the Jail back in February! Way fun to be with her! She was such a trooper! We walked 3 out of the 4 days she was with us. We got some super awesome blisters AND some super awesome investigators! 

We walked quite a bit! Not many people were too keen on listening, but it is the few who stopped to truly listen that made it all worth it!

We have a couple return appointments this week with some of the people we met out walking. And this week is our walk week in serious. All foot all week! Which means more people to talk to :)

Have you ever wondered why so may prophets in the Book of Mormon mention why they wrote what they did? (1 Nephi 6:4) Have you ever thought about the many prayers that were offered to preserve the records they kept? (Enos 1:16-17) Have you ever wondered why they invite the reader to read and pray about it so often? (Moroni 10:3-4)

This week I have felt the spirit so strongly testify to me that the scriptures are written for each of us. I know that those ancient prophets invite us to read because the testimonies they share with us will and do draw us closer to our Savior. 

I know that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been revealed through the Book of Mormon. I know the words that are written are for each of you. Read them and find out why.

Love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones 

Hermana/Sister Kim Hunt