Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 52: Fellowship of the Unshamed

¡Familia y Amigos!

This week was amazing! There really aren't words to describe the love and peace I have felt this week and the strengthened faith I have felt.

Elder James J. Hamula, of the Seventy, came to our mission this week.
We were blessed to be able to spend almost an entire day with him! He taught us so much! And a lot of what he taught I don't think I could convey in words to you all. But one thing he did talk about was repentance.

He said 'Repentance is turning away from ourselves, and the desires of the natural man, and turning to Christ.'

Something so simple, but when put into effect, brings incredible changes.

The missionaries who are going home at the end of the transfer also bore their testimonies and one of them really got me thinking.

He told a simple story that changed his mission. An Elder earlier on in his mission gave him his one piece of advice and said 'Don't be afraid to let your mission change you.'

As he said that I reflected on the last year of my mission and all of the changes that have happened and the things I have learned. And I realized that the times when I have truly been the happiest, have been when I have let the Lord shape me.

It's easy to stay who we are. It is easier to simply settle, to role with the punches, but that is not Gods plan. We are so much more that just creatures of circumstance. God intended us to come to earth, to gain experience, and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, change and become the person that the Lord sees us to be.

So as i left Zone Conference, I committed to let the Lord change me.
It is when we aline our will with the Lord that he can bring about he miracles that he has in store for our lives.

My 2.0 for this week is a poem by President Henry B. Erying. (It's the attachment #1)

Our Zone Leaders shared this with us this last week and it really expressed the conviction that I want to feel in my life as I fight for the Savior's cause.

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