Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 48: His Perfect Atonement

¡Familia y Amigos! 

This week was another really good one! Here's A couple of our super amazing miracles!

#1, remember our investigator who came to church last week? Well we stopped in and saw her this week, and she went on to tell us that she basically received permission from her uncle if she ever wanted to join the church which was a HUGE deal to her, as many of her family members haven't talked with her since she married her husband, because he is a member of the church. Huge miracles in the little things 😊

And #2 we were able to go to Independence (basically the holy land of the mission, and forever the place that has my heart) with one of our less actives and we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with her! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and watch the gospel change the lives of others. I know the Lord has perfect timing. Sometimes we want to rush his plans and the progress of the work, but as we truly follow his lead in the work, miracles will always happen.

Something a little different this week, but I wanted to share this poem I read a while back. It has helped remind me that as we live a world that will try to single us out to be a no one, we can remember our loving Savior who sacrificed his life because we are someone. I testify of his reality. He loves us. He has made it possible for us to repent and to change, so that we can find true happiness in our lives.

His Perfect Atonement 

By Kasey Hammer 

I used to believe 
That there was a hole
In Christ’s Atonement--
That He could save everyone--
Except me.

But I was wrong.
There is not one hole, 
But seven.

Two holes in His Hands 
Where they nailed Him 
To a cross
At the behest of those 
He would die To save,

Two holes in His wrists 
Where they ensured 
The weight of His body 
Would not cause His hands
To rip through 
Before His penance 
Was complete,

Two holes in His feet
Where He stood 
As a witness to all
Of God’s unyielding love 
For each Of His children, 

And one hole in His side
Where they pierced Him 
To prove His work
Was done. 

Seven perfect holes 
In earth’s only Perfect Man.
The perfect Atonement 
To patch the holes in our lives. 
His holes make us Whole.
I was wrong. 
There is a Whole In Christ’s Atonement
For me 
After all.

Christ's atonement is perfect, and it is just for you.

Love you all and Hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones 

Hermana/Sister Hunt ❤

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