Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 39: The Busiest Week Ever!

¡Familia y Amigos!

Wow! This week flew by! We were seriously so busy!! I feel so blessed to go to bed tired and wake up tired, it means we have work to do and lives to bless! :) and since we were so busy I am apologizing for the lengthy email this week!

We had interviews with President and Sister Vest on Tuesday and I love them both so much! I know that they are both called of God! Then, right after interviews we had District meeting. I love my district and am excited to get to know them more!

We had exchanges Wednesday and Thursday and we had service almost all day Friday! We got to go work at one of our members new to her house in the morning and we ripped off layers and LAYERS of wallpaper! I had a little too much fun tearing it down, but it will look really good when she gets to paint! We also went to one of our members herb farms!
We helped package chives and dill and I smelled like a pickle the rest of the day, but it was really fun and I love that we have so many opportunities to serve the members up here!

On Saturday we had our investigators baptism and it was so good! The spirit was so strong! We had the craziest day! Our water had been ice cold for the last three days, and we had smelt something really odd when we got back from exchanges and our Branch mission leader came and checked our water heater, and we had had an electrical fire! Yikes!!
But we called our Landlord and got a new water heater that day. Then we went to lunch with one of the Senior Sisters who is going home and then ran to the church and set everything up! It was probably one of the neatest baptisms I have been to on my mission! Our investigator had a stroke a few years ago, so he is in a wheelchair and has some other restrictions, but he is truly amazing, and I have learned so much from him these last few weeks! He's going to do great things!

Then Yesterday we had Church, and I played the piano for Sacrament meeting, relief society and choir! Mom, shout out to you and all my piano teachers over the years because it has been the biggest blessing to be able to serve the branch by playing the piano! We also just had
6 couples senior couples who are serving at Adam-ondi- Ahman get assigned to our branch for the next 6 months, and the Salines, a couple I took through the Visitor Center back in September who are also my cousins, are one of the couples! Tender mercy right?! Then we went down to Liberty Jail after church so one of our recent converts could speak at a fireside! So I got to see all of my cute Sisters Serving at the Jail and all of my Senior couples!! I miss them all, so it was really good to see them!

All in all we have had the craziest week, but I have felt so blessed!
So many miracles and so many tender mercies! The Lord is so aware of us!

This week I wanted to just share my thoughts on being grateful! I cannot begin to express my love for gratitude!! It is an incredible concept that no matter what is going on in our lives that there are always things to be grateful for! Our water heater went out this week, and I am so grateful for warm showers! It snowed after our baptism (I know, it was in the 70's two weeks ago, but that's Missouri!) and what a blessing because our investigator lives 45 minutes away from the Church and I don't know if anyone would have been able to drive the dirt roads to his house to pick him up if it had snowed before! Those are just a couple of examples, but I am beyond grateful for gratitude!
And conference starts this weekend! SO MANY BLESSINGS!! I hope that you all will take time to reflect on the many blessing that the Lord gives you on a daily basis. I know he is there and that no matter what, he wants us to seek out his love!

Hope you all have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Hunt

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