Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 32: The Patch of Wet Dirt

¡Familia y Amigos!

Wow! Crazy that it's already P-Day again!!

This week was awesome! We got to go on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders this week! I went to Platte City with Sister Delange (I lived with her one of my transfers at the Visitor Center and love her!) and Sister Richens stayed with Sister Helmbold! I love going exchanges and getting new ideas of how we can work in our area!

One big miracle we had this week was a couple that was referred to us by one of our members, and they are so ready for the gospel! Them came to the Liberty Jail and we taught them the restoration and loved everything! Sad for us though, they don't live in our area so we don't get to teach them, but missionary work is a worldwide effort, and if souls are coming into Christ, I'm a happy camper :) plus the sisters they are going to are awesome!

This week something I have really been focusing on is faith! As I was studying Alma 32 and thinking about the analogy of faith being like a seed, I was thinking about seeds of doubt verses seeds of faith, because that is a lot of what our investigators are struggling with. As it explains in Alma, if we take a seed of faith and plant it and nourish it, it will grow and as we continue, it will become a tree. As we take different truths of the gospel and plant those seeds of faith we soon realize we have a quickly growing forest of faith, so to speak.  As I was thinking about his in comparison to doubt, if we take a seed of doubt and plant it in the ground, we can spend all the time in the world watering and tending to it, but all we are going to get is a patch of wet dirt. And as a result of tending to this seed of doubt and all you get is mud, you can begin to lose all peace of mind over this seed that won't grow and in the process, begin to neglect the trees you have worked so hard to grow. Overtime they can become weaker, and if we let that see of doubt, take all our time, pretty soon we will turn around and realize our once forest, has begun to shrink.  So moral of the story and my little analogy: Don't sacrifice your forest for a patch of wet dirt. President Utchdorf said it best: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
So I would invite you all to work a little more on tending your Faith Forest and keep the things you do know continually strengthened! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support, I truly can feel them everyday! 

Hope you have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones

Hermana/Sister Hunt


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