Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 31: Serving Some Jail Time

¡Familia y Amigos!
So transfers were last Thursday and I have been transferred to Liberty and I am currently serving at the Historic Liberty Jail! (Made you al little bit nervous for a second 😉) Who knew when I got my mission call to be a full proselyting sister that I would be blessed to serve at both visitor centers in our mission! My companion's name is Sister Richens, she's from Utah and we are seeing so many miracles! She white washed the area last transfer and we are now seeing the progress from the work she put in last transfer paying off! 
So the Work here in this area has been pretty slow, they have white washed it several times and we are really working on gaining the trust of the members here! The People in Liberty are SO different than the people in Independence! Our Ward meets at the church building that shares a parking lot with the Kansas City Temple, and our area is a pretty wealthy area! I miss the inner city, but I know I will learn to love the people here just like all my other areas :) Also a little bummed that I am not speaking Spanish this transfer, but one of the Sisters I live with is from Mexico so she's helping me keep practicing :)
So we have shifts at the Jail just like the Visitor Center, where party of the Day is at the Jail and the other in our area! We live with 2 other companionships, so 6 of us in a house, and the jail is seriously INCREDIBLE! Everyday I get to spend time where the prophet Joseph Smith stood. The spirit that is here is unlike anything I have ever felt and my testimony of the Prophet Joseph has increased so much! But even more so, my testimony of my savior Jesus Christ has grown even more!   I know he suffered for our sins and that through him we can overcome any and every challenge we face in our lives and His atonement is real. 
PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude, and this week I have seen just how powerful our outlook on our circumstances can effect us! Life is not easy. Somedays it feels like the whole world has done you wrong and is against you and that you have every right to be upset and frustrated, but when you begin to exercise PMA, (which is hard but just like building muscle, the more you work at it the stronger it becomes) you begin to realize just how wonderful life can be! If we spend our days looking at all the negative in our lives, we will look back and realize all the wonderful things we missed out on. So I would invite you all this week to try a little bit of PMA. I know that it will be hard at first but as you continue to work at it, you'll be a whole lot happier :)
Well I love you all so very much! Thank you for your letters and love, they truly are a blessing! 
I hope you have a week full of miracles!
Abrazos y Oraciones 
Hermana/Sister Hunt


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