Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 28: A New Year to Come Unto Christ

¡Familia y amigos!
I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas! It was so fun to get to talk to my family! We had a really nice Christmas and I got all of your packages mom and we are enjoying the oranges very much so thank you!! It didn't snow on Christmas but it snowed a few days later and I like everything about the snow except for scraping ice off the car, getting stuck when you park wrong, not being able to go out in our area because of the roads, turning.... but it was really fun to go to bed and wake up and everything was white and to play in it for a couple minutes, and watch it come down! so like I said mixed emotions on the snow, but I'm surviving! I still need to buy tights and leggings but then I should be set!
So, on to the important stuff: This week as super awesome! We had SO many miracles and I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us, and I know he watches out for all of us!
Highlight of the week: On Saturday night Hna Oldroyd and I had an appointment with our two investigators who are on date for the 23rd of January, and before we left to go to the Visitor Center in the morning, we both felt really strongly that there was somewhere/someone we needed to visit, but we didn't know who, and we didn't want to cancel our appointment! So we decided we figure it out later and went to shift. We got home, finished studies, went to dinner and our appointment was set right after dinner. After we left dinner, the feeling that we needed to be somewhere else was even stronger so we said a prayer and still didn't know exactly what to do. So we decided to drive to our investigators house and when we got there Hna Oldroyd had a name pop into her head and it was a less active neither of us had met before and she lived right around the corner from our investigators! So we hurried around the corner and We knocked on her door and explained how we came about coming over, and she told us that she had been trying to figure out how to get a hold of the branch president and asked us when and where church was and that her and her daughter would be ready. What a miracle!! We were able to get her in contact with the Branch President and arranged a ride for her to church all in 10 minutes And she came! While we were at church she told us it was her first time back to church in 10 years. I know that Heavenly Father lead Hna Oldroyd and I where he needed us to be that night! He was aware of her and what she needed and as we followed the promptings of the spirit we were able to help her. I know that this is the Lords work and I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of it! 
I don't have much time left so 2.0!
New Year: New Years Resolutions!
 So last week, I invited you all to think about ways you can personally draw closer to Christ this next year. So with tomorrow being the start of a new year I would invite you to take those thoughts and promptings and to set those goals. I can promise you that as you put Christ first in your life this next year and take the goals you set to him, with his help you will be able to accomplish them. 
I hope you all have an amazing new year and a week full of miracles!
¡Abrazos y Oraciones!
Hermana/Sister Hunt


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