Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 24: Where are You Investigators, Why Can't We Find You?

¡Familia y Amigos!

This week was a crazy week! It was full of drop talks (a talk you give to people when they don't keep commitments we give them) referrals, cold, thanksgiving and all mission conference (I got my package there!) and it was all amazing!

We ate dinner with a family from the ward and it was really nice! Feel so blessed to have people who are willing to let us join their family and friends!

The title this week is based off the Christmas number 'Where are You Christmas?' and was given because this week we had to drop all of our investigators who were on date, because none of them have come to church and they are not keeping their commitments. It is is really hard to drop people, but "the field is white ready to harvest" so we just have to find those who are ready to receive the gospel!

All mission conference: WOW! It was so awesome to be together as a whole mission! We had some really incredible trainings about the Book of Mormon and Sabbath day observance, and I got a lot of revelation for how I can personally use both of those things to be a more effective missionary! Then we had lunch and skits from all the zones in the mission, and then President Best introduced the 'A Savior is Born' campaign. What an incredible way for all of us to share our testimony of the savior and help remember why we celebrate this season! I would invite all of you to watch the video if you haven't already, and then share it to your Facebook with your t stoking of the savior. I know that it will increase your testimony of the importance of a savior, and help you feel the true meaning of Christmas. 

During our training for the Book of Mormon, we were given an invitation to read 6 pages of the Book of Mormon everyday and were promised that if we did for the rest of our lives, we would NEVER fall off the path, and that we would be able to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I felt the spirit testify to me that that is true. I have now committed to read 6 pages everyday, and I know that if you do so those same promises are yours. May we all strive to gain a stronger conversion to the Book of Mormon.

Well I love you all and I am looking forward to this new week full of finding! I am so grateful for your prayers and love! 

Hope you have a week full of Miracles!

¡Abrazos y Oraciones!

Sister/Hermana Hunt

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