Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 22: When the Cougars Come to Zion

¡Familia y Amigos!

Wow! Another week come and gone! time is seriously crazy out here as a missionary! I feel like I just barley wrote my last email but this week was awesome! 

For starters, Im sure you're wondering about the title and let me start off with a little history. In the two years the saints were here in Jackson County Missouri after the prophet received revelation that Independence would be the center place of Zion about 1200 saints settled around independence. We Saturday there was a BYU vs MSU game and on Friday we had about 350-400 guests at the Visitor Center, but Saturday we had 1376 people come to the visitor Center and was NUTS! We had jokingly said we wanted the saints to gather to Zion, and we got more that we thought! In the summer on one of the highest days they had about 800 people come and usually there's tour buses and things scheduled so they have a general idea of how many people, and when they would be there, Saturday we had no clue! It was the most amazing experience taking 30 people on history presentations and just SO many people all coming in at once! It was incredible! Hna. Delgado and I had been on shift all morning and ended up staying an extra hour after shift change to help explain the system to the Sisters who were just coming on, but it was so awesome to be able to help all those people feel the spirit of the visitor center before they went to the game! It's truly such a privilege to bear my testimony about the history here and about this gospel everyday! Then that night Our Branch President  asked if I could sing in church, he asked me the first week I was here if I had any talents and Hna Delgado told him I sing and play the piano and so one if the Elders in our ward sight read the music and I sang Sunday at church, so it was a crazy day!

We have another investigator that we invited to be baptized and she accepted! We are still determining her date, but she is awesome! This area has so many prepared people and it is truly a blessing to be serving here! All of our investigators speak Spanish, and Hna. Delgado told me that this week it is now my turn to take the lead in the lessons so wish me luck!

My 2.0 this week is just my simple testimony that I know this is Christ's church and I know it is true. I know that He is the Savior of the world and that through His atonement we can change. I know we are never alone, that our Heavenly Father sends us the people we need in our lives when we need them, and I know that He has so much trust in us and gives us all opportunities to be the person who can bless the lives of those we interact with. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It has changed my life and I get to see it change lives everyday. I know this gospel is true with all of my heart and love nothing more than sharing it with those I get the chance to meet.

I hope you all have a week full of miracles!

Abrazos y Oraciones 

Sister/Hermana Hunt

Practicing a musical number!

Planning for the week!

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