Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 14: Make it Count

¡Familia y Amigos!

This week has been so crazy and absolutely amazing! We saw so many miracles and I just feel so blessed!

So we have a couple of investigators who are super awesome! One of them is praying about her Baptism date which is so good! Our other was literally a miracle, that I will talk about later and we also found a family this week and have gotten in contact with some Less actives we haven't been able to get in contact with all transfer-- so probably one of the most amazing weeks on my mission thus far! Only hard part is transfers are Thursday! We find out tonight where everyone is going/coming/staying. Sister Baggett and I are really hoping for the 3rd option! It's such a blessing to have such a strong companion, but it is in the Lords hands and I know He sees the whole picture and will put me where he needs me! Also means my p-day will either be Thursday if I stay at the visitor center, or Monday if I go back full proselyting!

So Miracle investigator story-- so the Stake I'm serving in has a goal from the Stake President to have 20 baptisms in the month of September, so 2 baptisms per ward and one per set of missionaries, and in our mission investigators have to be able to come to church twice in order to be baptized and Sister Baggett and I have been praying for a miracle since the beginning of the transfer. Well this last Sunday was the only Sunday left for them to be able to make it to church to be baptized this month, and we had only had our one investigator who has been coming to church, but she won't be baptized in September and Saturday night came and we invited 3 of our investigators to church and they sounded really solid about coming. Well Sunday came and we waited and they didn't come. We were pretty bummed, but we had great faith and knew we would be able to find those prepared individuals who were ready to receive the gospel. Well after sacrament meeting, this woman comes up to us and tells us she has been going to another ward, but felt like she really needed to come back to her assigned ward and that she needed to be directed to where gospel principles was because she brought her non-member mother-in-law and she she wants to learn more about the gospel. I could have burst into tears right then me there we were so excited and I know God answered our prayers! So she came to all three meetings and we had been trying to get someone to come to an appointment at the VC because Sister Baggett and I didn't have a car Sunday night and her and her Mother in law said they were free and would love to come! So she came to the VC and we talked about temples and took her through "God's Plan for His Family" and we invited her to take the lessons and she said yes! We cannot wait to teach her!  So basically we had tender mercy after tender mercy this week really. I know God answers our prayers and that if we have faith he can make anything happen!

This transfer has flown by and I know that everything that happened has helped me learn and grow and become better. As I have been reflecting on all of the miracles and ways I have seen the ward grow and our investigators change as they learn about the gospel, I realize that time is so precious and so short. I know that God is aware of each of us. No matter how much time we spend with people, we can learn to love them and we can learn so much from them. So make every moment you have with those around you count. Serve them, love them, and learn from them.

I am so blessed and humbled to be a missionary. I learn to love his work more and more every week and I hope that all of you take time everyday to strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ. They love you and they can help you through anything in your life. I love you all and hope you have a week full of miracles!

¡Abrazos y Oraciones!

Hermana Hunt 

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