Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 12: He Can Change Us

¡Hola Familia y amigos!
This week has been emotional, crazy, stressful, and absolutely awesome! Mission life 👌
So I don't have much time so here's some of the craziness!
On Wednesday, we found out someone tried to break into our house! Crazy stuff right (don't worry mom, we were all safe and they didnt get in! It was all the prayers coming from our families that protected us!) but we got a new door and everything so yeah that was pretty crazy! One day this week we met with our previous Bishop and they have a family friend who came to the VC and we watched Gods plan for His Family and we invited her to take the lessons and she said she was interested! We are meeting with her this week and are super stoked! Another day I was having a pretty rough day just feeling pretty down and I felt like I needed to have a blessing. So we had a meeting with the Elders and our new Bishop and at the end I asked for a blessing. I love the power of the priesthood. I know that God speaks to us personally when we receive a blessing! It was exactly what I needed to hear! We had a ward party right after and there was an amazing turn out! A lot of the people we have been working with were able to make it! It was awesome! Sunday night we had a crazy awesome experience! We weren't supposed to be at the VC, but we were down a car so we worked on our Areabook. So about an hour after we got there, the Senior Elder on shift, comes downstairs and tells us there was a women upstairs who wanted to talk with us, so we went up and come to find out this women walked into the visitor center looking for a way to be closer to God and was in our area! We taught her the first lesson and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! We set up a return appointment and were so grateful to meet her and start teaching her! So then Monday we went to go to our appointment and couldn't find her house and we called her and she said it was the right address, and come to find out when they looked up her address, it wasn't in our area, so she is being taught by another set of Sisters who are actually over her area! It was a crazy ordeal, but such an amazing experience teaching her and getting to know her! And this morning we went on a mini exchange and Sister Hembold and I got to hangout together for P-day while our companions went to the temple, because we went at the beginning of last transfer! But ya! All in all it was a crazy week full of some super awesome miracles and learning opportunities, and guys, I LOVE being a missionary!
We have a tendency to have a mindset that we just are the way we are and there's no way to change that. This is one of Satans biggest lies. I can tell you that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, those things can be changed. I have been studying a lot this week about being changed through the atonement to become the person God sees us as. It isn't easy, but I know that as we turn ourselves and our hearts over to the Lord and let him shape us into who he needs and sees us as, we will draw closer to him. Remember he's only a prayer away.
I hope you all strive to find ways to come closer to your Savior everyday. He loves you and is with you always. I love you all so much! I pray you see a week full of miracles!
¡Te quiero mucho!
Hermana Hunt

                                               Someone tried to break into our apartment!

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