Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 8: God Has a Plan

Familia y Amigos!

Wow! This week: Crazy crazy and more crazy! Transfers are this week and I cannot believe it! I have NO idea what is going to happen because Sister Bressler has been here since March, but we are thinking we probably won't get transferred because her Neurology appointment is Thursday, which is transfer day, and I know what's been going on and all that jazz, but Sister Bressler told me that the transfers in this mission are EXTREMELY unpredictable so we'll see what happens! So if you send letters this week send them to the Independence address!

Monday- we drove to Olathe for P-Day and we went bowling  and hung out with our district! So much fun! We have two missionaries going home this week, Elder Willams-- he's our District Leader and I am so sad he's leaving but he is going to do great things! And Elder Wagner-- he is from Mesa and went to Mountain View, so I am going to miss talking about all the cool stuff back at home! We are driving to Olathe again today to spend our last day as a district! I'm really gonna miss my people!

Tuesday- We went and visited a lady in our ward who is less active because she doesn't have a car and lives 45 minutes away from the church. We are trying to figure out some arrangements for people to take her to church and she got to come on Sunday and was so happy to be there!

Wednesday- We went out on a team up with the Relief society president and visited a lady in the ward who is older and pretty lonely! She has some pretty crazy circumstances in her life, but we had a good time visiting with her and let her know who her home teachers were and visiting teachers as well, so hopefully she will have some more friends at church! We are going to try to go paint her house this week!

Thursday- We drove out in the middle on no where, but like really Dad-- the creeper middle of no where. I prayed the whole time that the car didn't break down because there was literally only fields and super old farm houses. Sketchville. But we went and visited a lady in the ward who has some serious health problems and she can't come to church because certain smells close off her airway and she can't breathe. We couldn't wear deodorant or hairspray or anything out to her house, but she is honestly one of the sweetest ladies! We decided to set up a schedule for us to go and do some studies with her every week.

Friday- We had the mid trainers meeting because I'm half way done with training! It took almost the whole day because it was up in Independence and it was pretty long! It was probably one of the coolest meetings and trainings I've been to on my mission! We got home at around 5 and ate dinner and saw our investigator Robin. She has a niece that is 5 who has had cancer for a couple years and she was given 2 weeks to live on Tuesday morning, so she's been having a really hard time. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation.

Saturday-- It was a long day! We tried to see if Sister Bressler could slowly take out the naps and see if she was up to doing more, and it back fired hard. She had a super bad migraine all day and had to rest a ton. So we decided naps will be kept in the schedule. I really hope we can figure out what's going on at the Doctors on Thursday!

Sunday-- As Joseph B Wirthlin said "Sunday will come." I love Sunday's! We had an awesome fast and testimony meeting! It was a way powerful meeting! We didn't have any investigators at church, and we were the only two people in gospel principles and so we went to Sunday school, kinda nice to not be the teacher for an hour! Haha and relief society was awesome! The lesson was titled "Be not weary in doing good" and was just what I needed! I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after I go to church!


Honesty hour: Being a missionary is so hard. Having a sick companion and having limitations has been so hard for me, somedays are better than others, but it is hard. Within all the craziness and trying to work through all the loop holes to get a doctors appointment and trying to be a good missionary and being trained I have come so close to my Heavenly Father and to my older brother Jesus Christ. I have never felt the atonement in my life more than I have these last few weeks. I know that God has a plan for me. That this trial is to help me learn to be patient and understanding and loving and truly know what is means to rely on the Savior. As I take my struggles and concerns to the Lord I know he hears my prayers, and he has shown me countless tender mercies! Like this week I realize that at home I coped with things by driving and I drive countless hours everyday. What a blessing that is for me. He is aware of me and I know he is aware of each of you. The atonement is so real. Jesus Christ suffered individually for each of us so that we could not only be forgiven of our sins, but to have someone who knows perfectly how to comfort us and through the enabling power of the atonement gives me strength to press on everyday. This gospel is true. I know that living the gospel brings me joy even when the circumstances seem so gloomy. Being a missionary is hard, but I have never felt so much joy in my whole life. I would not spend these 18months of my life any other way that being here, serving others, and sharing the gospel. I know God is aware of us. I know Jesus Christ lives. They love you, and always will, no matter what.

I hope you all have a week full of miracles! If you tried out the gratitude reflection last week, email me and let me know how it went and is hopefully still going! I love you all so much. I truly mean it when I say I can feel your prayers and love and support everyday. Thank you for all that you all do!

Te quiero
Hermana Hunt

PS Mom, I am so sorry you had such a stressful week! I'll keep prayin for Ryan and Andrea! And YES I was to see the picture from Eric's surgery! I love you and thank you for writing me every week! Means the world to me Smiling face with smiling eyes xoxo

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