Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 10: His Time is Perfect

¡Familia y amigos!
Is it P-Day already!? This week was so good and honestly such a blur, so here are some highlights!
Tuesday-- was P-Day and we just went shopping and cleaned the house and the car and all that good stuff! It's so nice to have a day to get everything prepared and ready! We went out to Dinner with some members and went and met some potentials! It was awesome!
Wednesday-- We did studies and went and visited with some less active members and contacted some potentials and had shift at the visitor center that night! (Night shift is from 3-9 and morning is from 9-3) I love working in the VC! There is such an amazing spirit there!
Thursday-- We had shift at the VC in the morning and did our studies after we got home and went to dinner. We had an appointment that fell through so we went contacting and met one of our new investigators, Jim, and it was so awesome! We have an appointment with him this week!
Friday-- in one word: INSANE! Haha but really! We had Friday morning Training meeting at the VC from 7:30-9, it was amazing! President and Sister Vest came and it is always so cool to be able to hear from them! Then we were on shift in the morning. At about 10 this lady who apparently does this all the time, came in with her Cupcake cruiser and gave us four HUGE tubs of cupcakes (pictures to come!) it was insane! Thankfully we all had zone conferences to take them to so we could get rid of them! So after shift, we went to the stake center for zone conference from 3:15-6:30 because we got stage 2 of the IPads yesterday and ha do make sure we had all the right training and info about them so we could start transferring our area book to digital and our planners as well! We had an appointment at 6:30 with a family and got there a few minutes late, but it was awesome! We taught the first lesson and are going to visit them tonight
Saturday-- We had such a crazy schedule! We did studies and then had interviews with President and Sister Vest at 10! I love them both so much! Then we went home finished studies and did lunch/weekly planning  and then had shift at the VC and I got to take a family through Gods Plan for Families and it was such a tender mercy to be able to talk about the importance of the temple and families at the very time Ryan and Andrea were being sealed! I am so blessed and so happy for you both! The pictures are awesome so thank you for sending them! The lord is so aware of us!
Sunday-- so ward council got canceled and we walked into church and the stake presidency was on the stand... So needless to say, we got a new bishopric! Sacrament meeting was SO powerful! It was about 2 hours after all the people who spoke and it was just so powerful! It's going to be awesome! So we just went straight to relief society. And then had shift at the VC 12:30-3:30 and then Studies and we went to visit some of our investigators and it was great!
Monday-- was WAY crazy! So we got the area book/planner app and we had to transfer all of the teaching records, progress records, everything from the area book on to the app and President has set aside 2-3 hours everyday to work on it... We usually only have that much time in our area so this week is gonna be crazy! But none the less we will make it work and I'm looking forward to seeing the miracles that are in store!
This week is all about patience and faith. In life we have goals and things that we want to accomplish. We set goals and have this vision of what we want to happen, and as we try to start going about doing these things and we don't see any kind of progression we can become discouraged. God has perfect timing. Part of trusting him is trusting his timing. He knows what's best and putting that trust in him can be really hard, but I know that when we council with the Lord in prayer and continue to live the gospel, we will be happy and through the ups and downs of life, God guides us to where we need to be. He wants us to be happy. He sent his son Jesus Christ to perform the atonement so that we would have a constant friend by our side helping us change and become better so we can return to live back with our Him again. I know it is hard to trust God's timing sometimes, but I also know that as we turn our will over to him, he is there helping us be where we need to be. 
I am so grateful for this gospel and the blessings it brings into my life! I love seeing the change it brings to others lives as we help them gain their own testimonies! I pray for you all every week and hope you have a week full of miracles!
¡Abrazos y oraciones!
Hermana Hunt❤


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