Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 11: "Time flies when you have none of it."

¡Familia y amigos!
I don't have much time to write so sorry if I did t get back to you, but this week was crazy and here's a real fast recap of this last week!

Also: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! And Happy Birthday Week to Kylee, Katie, Lindsay, and Kev! I hope you all have/had an amazing day! I love/miss you all!  Wrapped presentBalloonConfetti ballParty popperGrinning face with smiling eyes and good luck to all my friends staring school!

Wednesday- we had district meeting and President Vest, President Medina (he's in the mission presidency) the APs, AND the Zone Leaders were there! It was AWESOME! We talked about not being afraid to talk to people and it was such an inspiring meeting! Hermana Oldroyd is also in my district which is way fun!

Thursday-- we went and visited some less actives and on of our investigators To drop off a Book of Mormon in large print and left him a note because he wasn't there. Then we had shift at the VC

Friday-- we had Friday morning training at the visitor center, and then we went and visited some less actives and ended up having to weekly plan because it was the only day we could! Then we worked on our digital area book transport.

Saturday-- we had shift in the morning, and then we went and contacted a few referrals and had to go back to the VC to finish our studies!

Sunday-- Sunday is my favorite day of the week! We had church in the morning and we went to the Spanish gospel principles class! I was pretty excited because I understood almost everything! It was awesome! (And I almost have the first vision down!) And then we were at the VC for shift for 3 hours, and then went out in our area and got to talk to one of our investigators and it was awesome! Then we headed back to the VC to work on area book.

Monday-- we were down a car at the visitor center, we all rotate all the cars we have, and so Hermana Baggett and I did studies and then walked to the VC and worked on area book before shift, and we are almost done with it so hopefully we will be able to help the other Sisters with theirs! And then on shift I got to take a couple groups on presentations and just had an awesome experience! The visitor center is truly amazing!

Honestly I have thought a lot about what I could share with you all and I hope you all realize how much you are loved!

Comparing ourselves to others will never make us happy. Each of us has a purpose and we all have been given different talents, skills, and weaknesses personal to us for our growth and development throughout our lives. We all have something to learn from each other, and we must remember what our true identity is; we are all children of God. He loves us and wants us to succeed. As we go through our personal trials, struggles, and joys, He is there. He has given us the gospel to help guide us through this life's ups and downs. So if you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remember we are all walking the path back to our Heavenly Father at our own place and in his own timeline.

I love you all and hope you've been able to see a week full of miracles! Keep pressing on! Thanks for all your love and support!

Abrazos y Oraciones 

Hermana Hunt Heavy black heart


Week 10: His Time is Perfect

¡Familia y amigos!
Is it P-Day already!? This week was so good and honestly such a blur, so here are some highlights!
Tuesday-- was P-Day and we just went shopping and cleaned the house and the car and all that good stuff! It's so nice to have a day to get everything prepared and ready! We went out to Dinner with some members and went and met some potentials! It was awesome!
Wednesday-- We did studies and went and visited with some less active members and contacted some potentials and had shift at the visitor center that night! (Night shift is from 3-9 and morning is from 9-3) I love working in the VC! There is such an amazing spirit there!
Thursday-- We had shift at the VC in the morning and did our studies after we got home and went to dinner. We had an appointment that fell through so we went contacting and met one of our new investigators, Jim, and it was so awesome! We have an appointment with him this week!
Friday-- in one word: INSANE! Haha but really! We had Friday morning Training meeting at the VC from 7:30-9, it was amazing! President and Sister Vest came and it is always so cool to be able to hear from them! Then we were on shift in the morning. At about 10 this lady who apparently does this all the time, came in with her Cupcake cruiser and gave us four HUGE tubs of cupcakes (pictures to come!) it was insane! Thankfully we all had zone conferences to take them to so we could get rid of them! So after shift, we went to the stake center for zone conference from 3:15-6:30 because we got stage 2 of the IPads yesterday and ha do make sure we had all the right training and info about them so we could start transferring our area book to digital and our planners as well! We had an appointment at 6:30 with a family and got there a few minutes late, but it was awesome! We taught the first lesson and are going to visit them tonight
Saturday-- We had such a crazy schedule! We did studies and then had interviews with President and Sister Vest at 10! I love them both so much! Then we went home finished studies and did lunch/weekly planning  and then had shift at the VC and I got to take a family through Gods Plan for Families and it was such a tender mercy to be able to talk about the importance of the temple and families at the very time Ryan and Andrea were being sealed! I am so blessed and so happy for you both! The pictures are awesome so thank you for sending them! The lord is so aware of us!
Sunday-- so ward council got canceled and we walked into church and the stake presidency was on the stand... So needless to say, we got a new bishopric! Sacrament meeting was SO powerful! It was about 2 hours after all the people who spoke and it was just so powerful! It's going to be awesome! So we just went straight to relief society. And then had shift at the VC 12:30-3:30 and then Studies and we went to visit some of our investigators and it was great!
Monday-- was WAY crazy! So we got the area book/planner app and we had to transfer all of the teaching records, progress records, everything from the area book on to the app and President has set aside 2-3 hours everyday to work on it... We usually only have that much time in our area so this week is gonna be crazy! But none the less we will make it work and I'm looking forward to seeing the miracles that are in store!
This week is all about patience and faith. In life we have goals and things that we want to accomplish. We set goals and have this vision of what we want to happen, and as we try to start going about doing these things and we don't see any kind of progression we can become discouraged. God has perfect timing. Part of trusting him is trusting his timing. He knows what's best and putting that trust in him can be really hard, but I know that when we council with the Lord in prayer and continue to live the gospel, we will be happy and through the ups and downs of life, God guides us to where we need to be. He wants us to be happy. He sent his son Jesus Christ to perform the atonement so that we would have a constant friend by our side helping us change and become better so we can return to live back with our Him again. I know it is hard to trust God's timing sometimes, but I also know that as we turn our will over to him, he is there helping us be where we need to be. 
I am so grateful for this gospel and the blessings it brings into my life! I love seeing the change it brings to others lives as we help them gain their own testimonies! I pray for you all every week and hope you have a week full of miracles!
¡Abrazos y oraciones!
Hermana Hunt❤


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 9: "Todo, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

¡Familia y amigos!

To quote Eric "This week was CRAZY!" Haha but really! So I got transferred out of Iola, I'm serving in Independence, Me and my companion (Hermana Baggett!) have both only been out 6 weeks so we are training each other, I'm learning Spanish AGAIN, AND I'm serving in the Visitor Center! Hence why my email is coming today and P-day will now be on Tuesdays for the transfer because of VC shifts and I hit my 2 month mark! Did ya get all that!? Haha but it has been AWESOME!

I am SO glad Andrea's visa situation got all figured out so her and Ryan can get sealed Saturday! God truly answers our prayers! Also I want a TON of pictures, so you all better send some! So excited! Good luck with the first week of school Kev, and to Eric and Ellen settling in! Mom and Dad, hang in there! Haha one day at a time! 

Monday-- We had our last hoo-rah for the missionaries who were going home, who knew I'd be heading out as well, and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and then played sports up in Olathe. We drove home and went to a couple appointments and had a really good day!

Tuesday- We went to visit our less active who has the breathing problems, and had an awesome study with her about the first vision! It was so powerful! I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel! It truly is the biggest blessing! And Tuesday night was when transfer calls were and Sister Bressler and I thought for sure if anything happened, which we were assuming nothing would, she would get transferred and I would get follow up trained. They didn't send out the voicemail until 10:15 and we were DYING! So we listened to it and of course Iola was the last one to be said and it said Sister Bressler's name first so we were so sure we were staying, and then they said another sister as her companion. I was freaking out! Then they went through and listed the missionaries leaving the zone and I was the last one! And it said the ward I would be in and that Hermana Baggett would be my companion and I would be serving in the independence visitor center. Total surprise! 

Wednesday-- I spent all morning packing up my things because we decided to drive half way to Independence for transfers on Wednesday night to stay with some sisters so we wouldn't have to drive so far in one day. So I got done getting everything packed up and we went and said goodbye to all of the people we were teaching and the ward members before we headed out! It was so sad to say goodbye, I for sure left a piece of my heart there, but I can't wait to visit them after the mission! We got in The car at 8 and got to the sisters house at about 9:30 and turned in for the night

Thursday-- We got up early and got ready and drove the rest of the way to independence and waited in the parking lot of the church for all the new missionaries and the rest of the missionaries getting transferred to get there! It was so weird saying goodbye to Sister Bressler! We were only companions for 6 weeks but I felt like I have known her for years, but Gods got a plan for each of us! So I knew Hermana Baggett because I had followed her on Instagram before I left and we saw each other at the MTC and came out together so it has been so fun! We are so close and I am so excited and blessed to be able to work with her! I can tell we are going to be really good friends!

Friday--  We had a full proselyting day, which are divided up between the companionships every week and a half two weeks in the VC, and it was awesome! We got to meet quite a few people and had a super successful day! God works miracles everyday!

Saturday-- We were on shift at the VC in the morning and in the middle of our shift, Sister Toronto who is over the Visitor Center and Historic Liberty Jail with her husband, came in and asked me if I sang. I was really confused and said yes, well some of the other Sisters had a baptism and they needed/wanted a musical number (still not sure which one it was), so I went with Sister Toronto and sang a song that I sight read in the car (Shout out to my Choir teachers for teaching me how to do so, it has been extremely useful!) and we ran through it twice and then sang it at the baptism! I was so glad I was able to go! The spirit was SO strong! I feel so privileged to have been asked to go and take part in it! What a special thing! Also President and Sister Vest were there so I got to say hi and visit with Sister Vest about the craziness and how much I know I'm going to love it here! We went out into our area after that and got to meet some of the less actives in the ward and introduce ourselves! It was such a good day full of miracles!

Sunday-- First week in a new ward and it was pretty awesome! I got asked to go and bare my testimony and I already feel so much love for the people I am going to get to serve here! The ward has Spanish and English members and so sacrament gets translated, the Elders serving in our ward did it on Sunday, and I'm hoping since Hermana Baggett is a Spanish speaking sister that I'll be able to help translate one of these Sunday's! But it was incredible! I love the opportunity I have to attend church each week and partake of the sacrament! I also got to play the piano in Relief society, so I need to brush up on some of my hymns! Haha but it was awesome! We had shift at the VC right after church and then we had 3 set appointments and they were AMAZING! Our first appointment was with a family in the ward, a mom and her 3 daughters, and we practiced teaching the first lesson with them! The spirit was so strong! We committed them to reading the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes everyday and to pray to receive a witness from the Holy Ghost that it is true. That promise is something we should all exercise often and either receive an answer for the first time or the hundredth time that it is true, but I know that if we study ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon that we can all gain a witness of its truth! Then we had an appointment with a New investigator, David, and it was so awesome! He is very open to the gospel, and he asks great questions and really helps us understand what he understands and what he doesn't! We invited him to pray and read about the Book of Mormon and he told us that he had done it before and didn't really get an answer, but is willing to try again! We promised him that God reveals things to us in his own way and his own time and I got to share with him that I sincerely and intently prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true for 2 and a half years until I received my answer, but I know that it was in the timing of the Lord and as I put forth my faith and continued on, God answered my prayers! So we are really excited for him! Then we went to some less active members and read 2 Nephi 31 and then discussed different ways we can study the scriptures and it was so good! Then we headed back to the VC for our nightly prayer and then we all headed home.

Monday-- FULL OF MIRACLES. So at the visitor center, we have different presentations, and I have just been shadowing Hermana Baggett during them since Thursday, but yesterday out of whatever the circumstances were I was the only Sister upstairs ready to take a group, and Two gentlemen came in and they were from Mesa! How cool is that!? So as I was talking with them Hermana Lamb came with me and they said they wanted to look at the photo display downstairs of Joseph Smiths life. So they did that and before they left one of the Gentlemen began to tell me that he knew some Hunts from Snowflake and I said my family was from up there and he started to tell me that he was brought into the church when Georgia and Ralph Hunt invited him to Go to Boy Scouts with Lauren when he was about 10. I was overwhelmed by the spirit as he told me this because they are my great grandparents! He began to thank me for the blessing that they had been and told me about all of the people who had been blessed with the Gospel because of them. There are truly no such things as coincidences! I am so grateful for the missionary example they were and are for me and to be able to see those blessings from sharing the gospel was incredible. His name was Ellis Lindsay and he was just passing through on his way to Indianapolis where he was moving for work. It was truly amazing! Then later that night I got to take a group through a presentation all by myself. It was a couple, the Blackburns, who were just passing through on their way home from dropping off their granddaughter in NC and it was so awesome! It truly was guided by the spirit and it was amazing! I am so grateful to be able to serve in the Visitor Center!

So this week has been crazy and busy, but I didn't forget to pray about what to share with you all this week! 

As I have had a week full of all kinds of adventures and experiences, I have truly seen Gods hand in my life. I know he has a specific plan for me and for each of you. He knows us perfectly. And part of that plan is the people we come across in our life. Leaving Iola and being here I look back on those six weeks and how much I learned from all of the wonderful people I got to interact with! I learned so much from all of them, and even in these short 5 days here in independence I have seen people come into my life to bless me, teach me, and help me grow! I know that this transfer is going to be one full of miracles and amazing experiences! God knows who we need, what need and where we are needed. I can't wait to learn from all of those I will have the privilege of getting to know and serve!

I am so blessed for the opportunity I have to be a missionary! I know there is so much joy to be found in living the gospel even on the hardest days! Keep pressing forward! I pray for you all everyday and hope you can feel the prayers I send your way just as I can feel yours! Hope you all have a week full of miracles!

¡Abrazos y Oraciones!
Hermana Hunt

Week 8: God Has a Plan

Familia y Amigos!

Wow! This week: Crazy crazy and more crazy! Transfers are this week and I cannot believe it! I have NO idea what is going to happen because Sister Bressler has been here since March, but we are thinking we probably won't get transferred because her Neurology appointment is Thursday, which is transfer day, and I know what's been going on and all that jazz, but Sister Bressler told me that the transfers in this mission are EXTREMELY unpredictable so we'll see what happens! So if you send letters this week send them to the Independence address!

Monday- we drove to Olathe for P-Day and we went bowling  and hung out with our district! So much fun! We have two missionaries going home this week, Elder Willams-- he's our District Leader and I am so sad he's leaving but he is going to do great things! And Elder Wagner-- he is from Mesa and went to Mountain View, so I am going to miss talking about all the cool stuff back at home! We are driving to Olathe again today to spend our last day as a district! I'm really gonna miss my people!

Tuesday- We went and visited a lady in our ward who is less active because she doesn't have a car and lives 45 minutes away from the church. We are trying to figure out some arrangements for people to take her to church and she got to come on Sunday and was so happy to be there!

Wednesday- We went out on a team up with the Relief society president and visited a lady in the ward who is older and pretty lonely! She has some pretty crazy circumstances in her life, but we had a good time visiting with her and let her know who her home teachers were and visiting teachers as well, so hopefully she will have some more friends at church! We are going to try to go paint her house this week!

Thursday- We drove out in the middle on no where, but like really Dad-- the creeper middle of no where. I prayed the whole time that the car didn't break down because there was literally only fields and super old farm houses. Sketchville. But we went and visited a lady in the ward who has some serious health problems and she can't come to church because certain smells close off her airway and she can't breathe. We couldn't wear deodorant or hairspray or anything out to her house, but she is honestly one of the sweetest ladies! We decided to set up a schedule for us to go and do some studies with her every week.

Friday- We had the mid trainers meeting because I'm half way done with training! It took almost the whole day because it was up in Independence and it was pretty long! It was probably one of the coolest meetings and trainings I've been to on my mission! We got home at around 5 and ate dinner and saw our investigator Robin. She has a niece that is 5 who has had cancer for a couple years and she was given 2 weeks to live on Tuesday morning, so she's been having a really hard time. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation.

Saturday-- It was a long day! We tried to see if Sister Bressler could slowly take out the naps and see if she was up to doing more, and it back fired hard. She had a super bad migraine all day and had to rest a ton. So we decided naps will be kept in the schedule. I really hope we can figure out what's going on at the Doctors on Thursday!

Sunday-- As Joseph B Wirthlin said "Sunday will come." I love Sunday's! We had an awesome fast and testimony meeting! It was a way powerful meeting! We didn't have any investigators at church, and we were the only two people in gospel principles and so we went to Sunday school, kinda nice to not be the teacher for an hour! Haha and relief society was awesome! The lesson was titled "Be not weary in doing good" and was just what I needed! I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after I go to church!


Honesty hour: Being a missionary is so hard. Having a sick companion and having limitations has been so hard for me, somedays are better than others, but it is hard. Within all the craziness and trying to work through all the loop holes to get a doctors appointment and trying to be a good missionary and being trained I have come so close to my Heavenly Father and to my older brother Jesus Christ. I have never felt the atonement in my life more than I have these last few weeks. I know that God has a plan for me. That this trial is to help me learn to be patient and understanding and loving and truly know what is means to rely on the Savior. As I take my struggles and concerns to the Lord I know he hears my prayers, and he has shown me countless tender mercies! Like this week I realize that at home I coped with things by driving and I drive countless hours everyday. What a blessing that is for me. He is aware of me and I know he is aware of each of you. The atonement is so real. Jesus Christ suffered individually for each of us so that we could not only be forgiven of our sins, but to have someone who knows perfectly how to comfort us and through the enabling power of the atonement gives me strength to press on everyday. This gospel is true. I know that living the gospel brings me joy even when the circumstances seem so gloomy. Being a missionary is hard, but I have never felt so much joy in my whole life. I would not spend these 18months of my life any other way that being here, serving others, and sharing the gospel. I know God is aware of us. I know Jesus Christ lives. They love you, and always will, no matter what.

I hope you all have a week full of miracles! If you tried out the gratitude reflection last week, email me and let me know how it went and is hopefully still going! I love you all so much. I truly mean it when I say I can feel your prayers and love and support everyday. Thank you for all that you all do!

Te quiero
Hermana Hunt

PS Mom, I am so sorry you had such a stressful week! I'll keep prayin for Ryan and Andrea! And YES I was to see the picture from Eric's surgery! I love you and thank you for writing me every week! Means the world to me Smiling face with smiling eyes xoxo

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