Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 3: Hermana Hunt

SOOOOO many things have happened in the last 5 days it's unreal!!! So here's a list for ya!

-So you read the title of my email and I know what you're thinking, and you are right! My companion and I got assigned to learn Spanish!!! How crazy is that!? We have literally been so busy because I speak more Spanish than my Companion, Sister Bressler and we have 7 Spanish speaking investigators! And we didn't even find out until we were at transfers Thursday #Spanglish4Life

-Got to Missouri on Wednesday and when to the Liberty jail and then had Dinner/welcome to the mission at President Vest's house with interviews and we received our iPads.
-Thursday we went to the VC in Independence and had a tour, felt like I was at home in Mesa!
-went to the church right next door at was given my companion assignment
-Sister Bressler is literally the companion of my dreams! Haha I honestly feel like we have been life time best friends but we've only known each other for 5 days!!!!! She's way awesome and we work really well together!
-I am the driver because sister Bressler got in an accident and is red dotted so we had to spend an extra hour in independence getting me certified to drive! We also ordered our Spanish name tags. We're pretty stoked :)
-we left independence and it took us FOUR hours to get home instead of two because there were a ton of detours as well as I had no idea what was going on!
-on our adventure of going home we couldn't not find a McDonald's ANYWHERE. #americannightmare we needed the wifi so we could find out where we were exactly plus we were starving. So after about an hour we finally found one, got lunch and found out we were only about an hour from our apartment. The Lord truly watches out for us.
-We are serving in Iola, Kansas and our area is HUGE. I feel like I'm driving through Taylor & Snowflake everyday, except everything is a whole lot greener!!
-we tried to meet with some of the ward members but no one was home so we ended up using all our time driving. So we went back to the house and then we decided we would go visit one more person, only problem, I left the Keys in the locked apartment and our landlord was gone until Friday morning, so we had to break into our own house. Needless to say I never leave without checking to see if I have the Keys with me!
-Friday and Saturday we went and Met all the people from the ward at the ward picnic and talked to 2 of our investigators. Everyone is so welcoming and I feel right at home here!
-Sunday we went to church and had meetings all morning, then church where we talked about the Holy Ghost and Fasting and the importance of FHE. All of the lessons and talks that were given felt like they were just for me! God answers prayers.

All in all this has been the craziest week of my life, but I know God does not ask us to do anything without providing the way for us to do it. Speaking of that....

So this whole Spanish thing. Let me tell you God has been preparing sister Bressler and I both for sometime for this Spanish assignment! When I was at the MTC I all of the sudden had this overwhelming desire to want to learn Spanish. One of my teachers spoke Spanish on her mission and told me to study the Book of Mormon in Spanish and when I finished i would be able to speak it. So I got an El Libro de Mormon and started studying it. Also shout out to Señor Norton and all my family for teaching me. It has all helped! Sister Bressler has been learning Spanish from the Spanish elders that were serving here and our apartment has a ton of Spanish materials in it. Sister Bressler told me that Pres Vest NEVER lets people speak anything other than the language they have been called to speak, so God needed and wanted this to happen. So as I have been praying to speak Spanish and for the gift of tongues, I wasn't seeing a whole lot of progress, last night as I prayed I was pleading with Heavenly Father to help me to truly understand and speak Spanish and to see some sort of progress. This morning when our alarm went off, I got out of bed and without even thinking about it I offered my prayer in Spanish. After I closed my prayer I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and It hit me that I had just prayed in Spanish without even thinking about it. God truly has been blessing me SOOO much. I dropped back to my knees and said a humble prayer of gratitude thanking God for showing me I can do this. I know that God answers our prayers. They don't always come how we think they will, but I can promise you they come.

I love all of you so much! I have truly been beyond blessed to have such a strong support system! I pray for all of you daily and I can feel the prayers that you all send my way! Also I can read emails you send me all week, but can only reply on Mondays, so if anyone wants to help me with Spanish or just send me a quick email, I get them everyday! Thank you all again for your love and support!!

Te amo Mucho!!!!
Hermana Hunt ❤

Sister Hunt on the plane to Missouri.

Sister Hunt's new apartment!

Sister Hunt's mission companion, Sister Bressler.

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